Kaichen Plants

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 13 02:44:57 CET 1997

AEG'rs and T-L'rs

I thought I'd post this to both groups and see what advice all you experts
can come up with. This is the kind of thing that groups like ours should
really be able to  help with.

The first part of the Kaichen order has been distributed, and mine,
consisting of Arisaema and Paris, arrived today. With both genera, I'm torn
between planting them out and protecting them in pots or refrigerator for the
first winter. I think I'll probably refrigerate the Arisaemas, very slightly
moist, and plant them out in early spring. The Paris, I don't know,
particularly P. fargesii, which is showing some green leaves, and probably
will be potted and kept from freezing temperatures.

My only problem with the latter approach is that I have a horrible track
record with overwintering plants in pots, presumably due to letting them get
too moist.

Does anyone recommend using a drench of a fungicide on plants to be potted up
for the winter?

Should the Paris fargesii, which certainly looks as if it is breaking
dormancy, be put under lights and allowed to progress, or should it be kept

I hope that some of you, particularly those with commercial experience in
these matters, such as Paul Christian, Tony Avent, Ellen Hornig, et al will
share some of your secrets with us peasants.  I, for one, will be most

Jim McClements, Dover, DE Zone 7a

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