The Envelope Please

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Mon Nov 3 04:36:19 CET 1997

Roy Herold wrote:

> The official count for the First Annual Arisaema-L Contest is 1485
> seeds.
> The closest guess came from (drum roll...) Mary Jane
> Hatfield,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CONGRATULATIONS   MJ<<<<<<

> Craig: ....... You will, however, be getting some much nicer
> consanguineum-type selections from plants I brought back from Yunnan.
> Another one I'll be sending in is
> Arisaema (sikokianum x takedae) X angustatum peninsulae variegata.

>          .        .>>>>>>>>>Thanks Roy.  I received  several packets
> of seed thursday,  donated by two AEG 'ers,  of wild collected seed
> from the Japan/Korea .  Just a reminder to all of you, that with 100
> members now, many of whom  need almost everything,  we can use all the
> seed of many of the more established species like sikokianum[of which
> I have received nil], flavum, consanguineum,  etc., etc., .I have a
> big dining room table,  a new eye glasses prescription, and the
> promise of seed sorting help from both David Harrison and Keith
> Laroque, two neighbouring AEGers.

Good Harvesting  Craig


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