The Envelope Please

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Sun Nov 2 23:13:00 CET 1997

The official count for the First Annual Arisaema-L Contest is 1485 seeds.
The closest guess came from (drum roll...) Mary Jane Hatfield, who
estimated 1524. I almost had to disqualify her, however, as she specified
that her guess included the non-viable seed. These, however, floated away
in the cleaning process, and couldn't be counted. Actually, there were more
duds than I expected, and a good number of berries were empty or had flat

Statistics: The lowest guess was 486 (Jim Rugh), and the highest was 2925
(Jan Renfroe). The average was 1326-- pretty close to the final count.

Craig: don't worry, I'm not sending these seeds to you, but to NARGS. You
will, however, be getting some much nicer consanguineum-type selections
from plants I brought back from Yunnan. Another one I'll be sending in is
Arisaema (sikokianum x takedae) X angustatum peninsulae variegata. Yes, I
made the cross early this spring when nothing else was blooming. Anyone
know of a longer name than this?

MJ: Please send me your address, and tell me if you want something other
than candidissumum. How about some nice Pinellia ternata?

--Roy Herold

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