Arisaema quinatum?

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Thu May 29 05:02:43 CEST 1997


I got this from a mutual friend also (initials BY?), and like you (and
apparently all other respondents), having never seen A.t.q. in the wild,
couldn't believe that anyone could call this a ssp. of A. triphyllum. I sent
a description by email to Sue Thompson in Pittsburgh, who seems to be an
expert on A. triphyllum, but have not heard from her.

In the meantime, while on an expedition to NC with Patrick McMillan, a young
botanist who probably knows every plant species in the southeast, I described
the plant to him and he thought it sounded like a typical A.t.q., which he
has seen in several locations in the SE US. To me it looked like it had a lot
of A. dracontium in it!

Jim McClements, Dover, DE

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