Deno method

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Wed May 14 04:00:20 CEST 1997


I agree with Ray's response, but use a slight modification. As some of you
know, I'm a bit of a turface nut, and find that transferring the sprouted
seedlings from the towel into a pot of wet, 100% turface, which is then
placed in a flat of standing water with a little fertilizer added, works
well, both indoors under lights and outdoors. (might even work on Ray's

With the turface already wet, poke a hole with a pencil and grasping the
sprout by the seed, drop it in, push the hole together and water a bit. You
can easily put 9 seedlings in a 4" pot and let them grow on until dormant.
You'll then find that locating the small tubers is easier than it is in
potting mix. This method insures that they'll not dry out (unless you forget
to keep water in the flat!), and is an easy way to supply a constant source
of fertilizer.

Jim McClements

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