Chinese Arisaema

Paul Christian paul at RAREPLANTS.CO.UK
Thu May 8 07:49:29 CEST 1997

Hi All,

Either AEG has died or (more likely) I have posted to the wrong address %-((.

I will re-post below using "reply" this time and see if those more expert
than me can help.

Does anyone have any idea on the attached species, simply "sp 1", China.
I have no more details as yet, but I am working on plants.  There are a few
more gifs of other, perhaps less exciting species, if anyone is interested I
will send them individually rather than clog the bandwidth.

NEWSey things.
Good germination from the autumn / winter seed distributuion by the way,
with exceptions, but excellent germination on Nina's A.bochii - thanks to
all who made it possible.

Those who are in on the Tamang order may have some surprises when they
flower, based on earliest flowerings here, not all unpleasant.
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