Craig Stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Tue May 6 19:27:07 CEST 1997

MJ,>>>>>>>>It took nearly a month for them to regrow<<<<<You will
very often get delayed and staggered emergence from refrigerated
tubers,especially the first year.
>>>>>>>.don't look much bigger than when I potted them<<<
Because I have been experimenting with 'Artificial Winters 'for
about 5 years now I can tell you with certainty that many species seem to
just hang on for years[3 months growth/3 months in the fridge]and then once
they make up their mind ,start to increase in tuber size dramatically.
There has been extended debate on AEG about forced dormancy/growth
patterns with a wealth of opinions offered,and contested. I hold to a strict
3 month growth/3 month refridgerated cycle that works for me.
Ray has already commented on species emergence patterns and
repotting recmmendations with which I concur .
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