Madan Tamang

Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Fri May 2 08:21:37 CEST 1997

Greg Ruckert wrote:

> Pleased to report that have my first seedling up from Madan seed.
> There was a substantial amount of mail about a cumulative order to this
> nursery.  Were the tubers ever ordered and what was the experience?

The order is still in the works for seeds and tubers.  Don Martinson, who is handling
the actual contact with Mr. Tamang, had trouble contacting him by fax but got a response
to a letter and should be contacting all parties involved shortly.  The order is
expected to arrive sometime in October so hopefully we will be able to report similar
results in the months after that :-)!

I expect seeds to travel well.  The few reports I've heard of tubers from him have been
good so maybe the people who ordered them will have seed in a few years.

The triphyllum is just starting to poke its nose out of the ground in open spots.  I
found a few young dracontium for a friend and they were starting to sprout, no roots
yet.  The young will come up in a week or so, the mature bulbs of dracontium will take
another 2-3 weeks.

Jean Halverson sw Wisconsin, it's supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow night with a
chance of snow,  UGH.

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