Biweekly Arisaemas

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Tue Jul 22 04:35:17 CEST 1997


Unlike our friends down under who have nothing better to do in wintertime
than look at pictures of arisaemas, we are enjoying the real thing up here
in the northern hemisphere. Hence my reluctance to whip a few more of
Wilbert's photos into shape for posting on the A. Page. As I write,
consanguineum and flavum are still blooming in the garden, as are three
exceptional franchetianum types I collected in China last fall. The latter
seem to be quite different from the Czech types from Ellen, and the
recently posted pics of Wilbert's. The film is out at the developers right

Fortunately for Greg, it was raining this evening so I took the opportunity
to catch up on some image processing. There are two, count 'em, two, new
sets of pictures added to the Hetterscheid Collection. There are four shots
of Arisaema limbatum, and seven of Arisaema (griffithii) cf. verrucosum.
Wilbert thinks the latter is verrucosum, and it definitely looks a lot less
evil than regular griffithi. Any other ideas?

The next time Greg starts to beat up on me, I'll post A. roxburghii, one of
the tropical types. It has a spadix that resembles a green and purple
toothpick, and a slick upfacing spathe hood. Stay tuned...


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