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Carlo A. Balistrieri cabalist at FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Wed Jul 9 15:10:50 CEST 1997

>Wetness during dormancy is hard on most Arisaema. Native types (US) seem
>to handle it much better than most. Our soil, and I use the term loosely,
>is heavy clay but on a slope. Raised beds of organic material mixed with
>sand or Turface and retained on the down-hill side with dry-stacked rock
>walls keeps the moisture at reasonable levels even when we get monsoon

MAKE A NOTE OF THIS FOLKS! Ray's got a great solution to the wet season
problems some of us face. Raised beds on a slope will be successful as long
as you don't create some sort of frost trap. The fact that the medium in his
raised bed is organic and drains well is the key. I'm keeping this note.


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