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Fri Jul 4 16:29:20 CEST 1997


This is absolutely the last time that I will post anything here about
trilliums, the reason being that, thanks to Eric Gouda, TRILLIUM-L has been
born, another offspring of SURFNET!  Since many of you grow both Arisaemas
and Trilliums, along with other woodland plants, this seems an appropriate
locale to make the initial announcement.

Unlike Arisaema -L, TRILLIUM-L will be an open list, and all you need to do
to become a member is to sign on, as follows:
Send to  LISTSERV at NIC.SURFNET.NL the message  SUBSCRIBE TRILLIUM-L   followed
by your name (not email name) and location.

We welcome anyone with an interest, whether or not you currently grow

At Eric's suggestion, TRILLIUM-L will be subtitled "Trillium Enthusiast
Discussion List (and other woodland plants)". Eric will act as list-owner,
and Mike Slater and I will be co-listowners. Mike's computer knowledge
qualifies him to be Eric's primary backup for technical questions, and I hope
to contribute on the content side. (As will Mike). The list will not be
monitored, as are Alpine-L and Aroid-L, so members are free to post what they
consider to be "on-topic". We do reserve the right to make "gentle reminders"
as needed.

Unlike the AEG, which started outside of the internet as a
snailmail/telephone group, T-L will be strictly an internet group, for the
exchange of information, seeds and anything else pertaining to trilliums and
other trilliaceae, as well as other woodland plants, with main emphasis on
the former.

There are no plans to have a central seed exchange, since email allows for
ready access between individuals, and the seed in question needs to be
transferred directly and promptly to retain optimal viability. Arrangements
regarding postage costs for mailing seeds can be left to the discretion of
those involved for now, but, as Ray Stilwell has mentioned in the past,
sending out a lot of seeds can get to be expensive!

We hope to develop a bibliography, but this may take some time. However,
there will be members of the group who will be able to supply references, or
even copies of papers, initially, and we should be able to scan and
distribute material as it becomes available. It is also an eventual goal to
gather information and photos on a web page for list members and the
web-browsing public.

This should suffice as an initial notice. PLEASE SEND ANY QUESTIONS TO ME OR
MIKE DIRECTLY, NOT BACK TO ARISAEMA-L!!!!!!  (jimmcclem at   or
mslater at VOICENET.COM )

Jim McClements

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