Arisaema sp. RBE 1990

Fridrik Skulason frisk at COMPLEX.IS
Thu Jul 3 18:17:49 CEST 1997

To follow up on a question I asked earlier, but I did not have all the details

Last winter I got a few seeds marked "Arisaema sp. ex RBE 1990.", which
germinated without problems.

I assume this is seed from second-generation plants, that is, the grower received
seed from the seed-collecting expedition, raised the plants to maturity, and then
passed seed on to others, withoug getting the plants properly identified.

My question: Did anyone else get seed from the original seed collection (RBE 1990),
and get the plants identified ?  (Assuming that is, that RBE 1990 is really a seed
collection number, of course - and not a botanical garden ID)

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