more on dormancy

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 28 23:55:59 CEST 1997


We've had some previous threads on whether arisaemas can be repeatedly
brought in and out of dormancy by going from cold to warm and back, and
whether at least some species have a built in calendar that kicks in sooner
or later despite continued cold treatment (ie "artificial winter').

Just had another example of the latter:

Arisaema sikokianum seeds planted 11-95, finished second growth period 5-97,
and were refrigerated. When taken out after three months (last week), ALL
tubers had beginning roots and sprouts, and are coming up today (in pot,
under lights again).

This species seems particularly prone to becoming impatient if refrigerated
too long, but three months is not usually excessive. This would seem to fit
better with Tony Avent's feeling that one month cold is sufficient for an
"artificial winter", at least for this species. I know that Craig Stubbs has
expressed a strong preference for  three month's cold.

I wonder if either or both would update us on their current thoughts on this

Jim McClements, Dover, DE Zone 7a

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