Plans for cold frame

Diana Pederson dlpederson at VOYAGER.NET
Thu Aug 28 02:16:35 CEST 1997


I just arranged with my father to build a small cold frame
against the back of my townehouse.  Does any one have some simple
directions that you could email me?  I've never done this before
but am determined to grow some plants that need this protection.
Am planning sinking the plant pots and covering the surface with
shredded leaves for some winter protection.  MI gets very
cold--will this be enough because our townehouse cooperative
would not allow me to heat the frame in any way.  It will be
simply to keep things from getting too wet and to provide the
"cold spell" needed to induce flowering.

Can someone help me with this?  It needs to be done very
inexpensively!!!!!!  Dad is suggesting 2"x6" boards with a piece
of clear acrylic on top with something to raise it when it is too
Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5 (4)

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