Arisaema seeds and hardiness

Addison & Richardson bedrock.gardeners at SYMPATICO.CA
Tue Aug 26 18:14:57 CEST 1997

I just received the following seeds from New Zealand:
A. amurnese
A. erubescens
A. frachetianum
A. tortuosum

from the Arisaema Hardiness Ratings that I downloaded, I see that I
have an outside chance (no pun intended) with amurnese.
The others I will try germinating inside or be willing to trade (
there are noit a lot ) for mspecies more suitable to my climat.
There is nothing on A. Frachetianum....any info?

Lois Addison

Lois Anne Addison
bedrock.gardeners at
Dunrobin, Ontario (35 miles west of Ottawa)\
Cdn. Z5; USDA Z4 (lowest temp -40C; highest 37C)

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