Deadline for Kaichen is coming, Part 1

Jan Renfroe jrenfroe at NVINET.COM
Fri Aug 8 18:31:49 CEST 1997

Dear AEGer's

The deadline for getting orders in for the Kaichen order is coming up
fast.  So if you want to order <<< PLEASE >>> send your list to me ASAP.
The deadline is Aug. 15th.  Again the requirements for the GROUP ORDER

$1000.00--for the group order

20 plants per species--for the group order
The exception here, the 2 expensive cyp's, any # will be accepted.

20% payment with the order--for the group

The final order will be sent on Aug 30th, along with the 20%
downpayment. The time between Aug 15th and Aug 30th will be used to
refine the group order, i.e. any items that haven't reached the 20
requirement will be reviewed.  All members of the order will be given a
chance to review their orders and change anything they wish to at this

The 20% down for each member will need to be sent as soon as that
individuals order is comfirmed with me.  I will notify individually of
the amount needed for the 20% and the address to send it to.

Please pass this message along to any other lists that might need it
(ALPINE-L, etc.)


Jan Renfroe
jrenfroe at

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