Arisaema pseudo-franchetianum......

Craig Stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Fri Aug 8 17:59:31 CEST 1997

At 09:30 AM 8/6/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm interested to see that the leaves on what I received as A.
>franchetianum from the Seed Guild (originally from Kunming BG) resemble
>Roy Herold's "pseudo-franchetianum" and are very different from the leaves
>on my Czech franchetianums (ID courtesy of Wilbert Hetterscheid).
>Did anyone else buy those seeds?  What luck?
>Ellen Hornig
>######Ellen et al.I bought several seed packets of Arisaema
pseudo-franchetianum from the Seed Guild .I had great results ,and excellent
first season growth, but unfortunately lost all but 6 to a fridge
freezeThese 6 are now in second season growth in the garden and doing well.
Also from the Seed guild are about 40 very robust A.erubescens
acquired at the same time.I will watch both carefully as they mature to see
what we have!!!
"Always allow for the changes time will bring"

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