Arum berry eaters?

Rand Nicholson writserv at NBNET.NB.CA
Sat Aug 9 04:05:45 CEST 1997

>After reading Mike's experience with his A. italicums, I went out today and
>saw that a lot of my just-ripening berries were disappearing.
>I immediately thought of the squirrels, who are the usual "blamees" for
>anything bad that happens in the garden, but later on when I walked out, I
>disturbed a flock of blackbirds trying to harvest the berries that I had not
>I might also add that this flock has been hanging around for days, and last
>week took a perverse glee in removing about 20 white labels from pots in the
>propagation area. They've never done this before, but I've started writing
>the names on the pots as of now.
>Jim McClements

Up here, blackbirds and crows seem to delight in messing with anything
bright and shiny: I think that they have too much time on their hands


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