Arum berry eaters? & keeping data tags safe

Scott Vergara svergara at PACIFIC.TELEBYTE.COM
Fri Aug 8 05:27:56 CEST 1997

You might want to rewatch Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds, before you
go out into the garden armed only with a marking pencil  ;-)

On plants where it is critical to keep some name or number associated with
the plant, I have taken to writing in #2 pencil on a 1.5 inch piece of
plastic tag the critical data and placing it in the bottom of the pot.
This also helps when others pick up labels to read them and put them back
into the wrong pot.  Just need to remember to repot things one at a time so
as not to have several labels on the potting bench.

Good luck with your birds.


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> From: McClements, Jim <JimMcClem at AOL.COM>
> Subject: Re: Arum berry eaters?
> Date: Thursday, August 07, 1997 7:55 PM
> anything bad that happens in the garden, but later on when I walked out,
> disturbed a flock of blackbirds trying to harvest the berries that I had
> gathered.
> I might also add that this flock has been hanging around for days, and
> week took a perverse glee in removing about 20 white labels from pots in
> propagation area. They've never done this before, but I've started
> the names on the pots as of now.
> Jim McClements

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