A. undulatifolium

Ellen Hornig hornig at OSWEGO.EDU
Fri Apr 18 01:57:35 CEST 1997

Jim  -the A. undulatifolium seeds you sent me last summer didn't do
anything then; like Roy's, they sat outside until some time in fall (no
records here) when they were brought in to the basement.  Eventually, a
single one germinated; since Roy reports close to 100% germination, I'm
sure my low rate was due to neglect (tends to happen in late summer).
That single one is going dormant now.

Another batch, which I'm babysitting for a friend who got them through the
AEG seed distribution, was sent to the refrigerator recently after showing
no inclination to germinate under warm conditions.

Let me join Roy in thanking you for these-


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