A. undulatifolium

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Fri Apr 18 01:48:01 CEST 1997


I planted your Arisaema undulatifolium seeds on September 9, 1996, and left
them outside until early November (after a few hard frosts). Nothing had
germinated, so I put them in my minimally heated greenhouse area (down to
25 deg F). When I finally got around to planting my own arisaema seeds in
mid-February, I brought them into the warmer greenhouse area and put them
on a heating pad that keeps the soil temp at approx 70 deg F. They put out
leaves within two weeks, and I think I have nearly 100% germination. Just
for reference, they have a single parted leaf.

Thanks for sharing them!


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