New Members Update

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Thu Apr 10 03:12:38 CEST 1997


Welcome our latest new members:

Mark Evans
581 Owsley Fork Rd.
Berea, KY  40403-9664
libevans at

Mark grows quite a few Aroids but is new to Arisaema. He says he doesn't
qualify as an enthusiast except for his enthusiasm. Hey! That's all it

Eduardo Goncalves
Depto. de Botanica - Herbario UB
Caixa Postal 4631 CEP 70919.970
Brasilia - DF - Brazil
eggon at guarany,

Eduardo is interested in growing the tropical species of Arisaema. He too
is new to Arisaema. I suspect we'll all be learning the tropical dos and
don'ts from him in time.

Al Wooten
1714 Solomon Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
awootten at

Many of you know Al from Aroid-L - you know - the Astronomer. I asked Al
if Hale-Bopp could be the cause of the multiple leaf problem with our new
batch of seedlings. We'll see how he answers.

Give them all a warm welcome.

That brings membership up to the round figure of 80. Craig, you're going
to be a busy man this fall.

GRSJr at

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