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ACE refers to an expedition that collects seed for some outfit that I
can't remember. The numbers allow one to correct the identification after
final ID is made. Since Arisaema species often grow together, and since
seed is gathered after the leaves have faded, it's hard to be certain the
seed you collect are from the plant you saw growing there in the spring.

Ditto to Chris' seed numbers. There are practically no "named" Arisaema
and there is no naming authority at present. It is a task AEG could
perform if we had a volunteer with sufficient botanical/horticultural
experience to sort out the ID and name messes. I would be surprised if
Chris plans to "name" any of his plants.

The only forming expedition I can think of is the Yucca do junket to
Mexico. I believe the shares sell for $3-4 hundred each.  If you can
afford that, who needs seed. Three hundred dollars will buy enough tubers
from Madan Tamang to fill a garden with a diverse population of Arisaema
species. Contact Jean Halverson privately if you're interested in
ordering from Madan.

There are a couple of Arisaema species in Mexico. However, their status
is not fully accepted and the most likely one, A. macrospathum, has not
proved to be hardy anywhere except Texas.
Why not wait for the AEG fall seed distribution. We may well have seed
from some of the expeditions. But, in any event, there'll probably be
lots of interesting seed.

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