[Trillium-l] Double Trilliums

Gordon Tingley gordon at sleddinghill.ca
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Hello Everyone,

The article appears in the current issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly. The
reason many of you are having problems accessing it online, is that the
three most recent years of quarterlies are available online only to members
of the North American Rock Garden Society. If you want to see the article
now, you'll have to join the society, otherwise it will be available to all
in three years' time.

Gordon Tingley

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>Neither link works for me on my Mac....first demands a username and
password...second comes up blank.

>The North American Rock Garden Society's "The Rock Garden Quarterly" 
>2014/2015 issue has a wonderful article on double trilliums called 
>"Seeing Double".  See 
>http://www.brightcopy.net/allen/roga/73-1/index.php#/26  I'm not positive
this link will work or not.
>I also came across another great article John Gyer wrote in 2001 at 

They both work fine for me; once I am logged in as a Nargs member.

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8

Scoliopus bigelowii opened this weekend ;-) (under cold glass)

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