[Trillium-l] Copies of copies gobbledygook

Miles, Dan miles.d at lynchburg.edu
Fri Jan 23 23:42:37 CET 2015


Thanks for support. To keep the thread of messages coherent, simply re-enter the topic in the "subject" line, or copy and paste it there. That's easier than deleting all the unwanted text.

I agree we should do a better job of posting messages under relevant and current "subject" headings, so that those comments can be found in the archives under the subject being searched. 

I think there's a frequent problem where folks continue to "reply" under a subject, when the topic of discussion has moved on to something completely different. 

We need to enter a new subject when the topic of discussion has changed. Failure to do that has made a search in the archives for subject matter about as likely to lead to frustration as success. 

But things have improved...for a while there, the list was being used for sending personal messages, and that was because of the "reply" button being misused. 


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