[Trillium-l] Copies of copies gobbledygook

Susie Egan segan at cottagelake.com
Fri Jan 23 20:26:58 CET 2015

Hi all,

I reviewed the forum's netiquette rules and they are as follows:

"Replying to messages - Important (NETIQUETTE):

    When replying to messages, please removing irrelevant text from the
original message(s) repeated under your reply - if you do not, digest
messages will become very difficult to read and you will inconvenience
readers of your message with unnecessary repeated text
    Some mail services do allow you to reject messages from certain email
addresses. If these addresses are from members of this list that are regular
contributors, do not use this feature, because we are getting an error
message for each rejection. Just use the DEL key instead.
    Be sure that the subject line is clear in what the message is about."

So we are supposed to remove any irrelevant text or it gets difficult to
read but I'm not so sure we should be starting a new message as opposed to
replying as then we lose the ability to search an email string by the same
subject.  Am I wrong about this?

Susie Egan
Cottage Lake Gardens
Woodinville, Washington (State)  USA
USDA Hardiness Zone 8a: 10F to 15F (normally)
Avg first frost: November 1 - 10
Avg last frost:  April 1 - 10
Temps rarely exceed 86 F
Avg annual low temp:  43 F
Avg high summer temp:  76 F
Avg high winter temp:  46 F

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