[Trillium-l] Copies of copies gobbledygook

Miles, Dan miles.d at lynchburg.edu
Fri Jan 23 20:04:39 CET 2015


We are getting multiple copies of copied messages on the list. This is caused by clicking "reply" when posting a message, instead of clicking "new message" before composing your comments. 

When you click "reply", you are copying the entire journal of messages back onto the list, and that is why we are having all this copied and re-copied mess to sift through as we try to find fresh content as we read the messages. 

When you send a message to the List, click "new message" or "new email", don't click "reply", unless you are able to delete and select chosen content to send back, as Russ routinely does so effectively. 

I am not an authority here at all,  but I thought somebody needed to say something before we all wind up in the loony bin!  

Welcome to our new members. The journal of messages isn't always such gobbledygook!  Wouldn't want to scare you off!


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