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Russell Graham eldergrahams at me.com
Fri Jan 23 02:57:12 CET 2015

Hello Chris and Colin,

On Jan 20, 2015, at 1:25 PM, Chris Wetmore wrote:

> Colin,
> In my humble opinion trillium hybridizing and growing seems to be much further along in Europe.

I am curious as to what information drives your opinion about hybridizing Chris. I tend to agree about the "growing," but I am unaware of "any" controlled efforts at hybridizing (anywhere actually).

> The one exception would be Plant Delights in the US. Check out the trillium group on Facebook and I don't know if John Aipassa or Ulf Sill are going to read this email but maybe reach out to them on Facebook. They likely know many European sources. 

There are a few other folks propagating Trilliums in the US, even some at the wholesale level I am told. However, before you get your hopes up Colin, I am unaware of "any" that don't easily sell out quickly to "existing" customers.

> Ps. Not that you would intentionally but please don't buy from people who are going to pilfer the woods. I live in North Carolina and rather like seeing them in the woods. 

Interesting caution and appropriate, but my guess is the only sources of "wholesale" trilliums at a price Colin would be willing to pay would be from folks that are collecting.

I recently contacted a nursery in the UK to request shipment of Trillium (retail) to Oregon and was told somewhat curtly, NO way, just too much hassle. I was not surprised as that has been the typical response from nurseries in that part of the world. BUT, I have to recognize that many US nurseries will NOT ship to Oregon, again because of the hassle.

Back to Colin's original request, my suspicion is that there are few "growers" with enough propagated stock to make it worth their time to ship wholesale overseas at a reasonable price. Good Luck.


Russell Graham, Purveyor of Plants, Salem, OR, Zone 8 (7)

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