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On Jan 16, 2015, at 4:23 PM, Jan Jeddeloh wrote:

> Russ, didn’t you hire Larry Stauffer to TC some western trillium for you?  If so what became of that?
Larry is a member of this list (not sure he or I would agree that I "hired" him...) and he and Xplant Laboratory have been working with Trillium micropropagation for several years (like 10+). I was working with a lab in WA prior to that with MUCH less success, they never were able to put roots on the propagules. Bottom-line is there have been many propagules produced over time, probably with as many failures as successes until recently but so far only a handful of lines have bloomed. I am hopeful the 2015 bloom season might be a turning point.

Despite the idea that tissue culture protocols were first developed years ago and some of the research might have been what the Cases were commenting on, it turns out the recipe for success has required continual and continuing "research". The research is not limited to the lab processes as getting the propagules established in soil is not always straight forward either. In reality the processes/successes vary depending on the species and even some clones within the same species...(perhaps these differences take us full circle and back to the challenges of determining species when dealing with western plants!!!) 

This last spring one line bloomed for the first time with yellow flowers. Strangely the plants were initiated from seedlings of a kurabayashii population that has "never" been know to have yellow petaled plants. So, now waiting to see what happens in the second year of bloom for those plants and with the plants from this line that bloom for the first time in 2015.

Best I can find, Xplant is the only business working with Trillium tissue culture and perhaps the ONLY lab currently producing any Trilliums.


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