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Charles Hunter 2csh at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 17 06:07:41 CET 2015

John's experience with western trilliums is a little different than mine. I
kill ovatum almost immediately, and rivale within a couple of seasons. I can
keep some of the sessiles from California alive and have had some
chloropetalum going outside for over 10 years now, but they do not thrive
and never make flower buds. Ditto on coastal angustipetalum. It is hotter
here in the summer than where John lives in SE Pennsylvania, so go figure! I
have some seed planted outside from western sessiles as well- didn't work
before, but I am trying again.


That is interesting that decipiens does well in the Pacific northwest
though. I had not heard that before. 


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia USA, zone 7 (not magic for western trilliums where I live) 



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On Jan 16, 2015, at 6:48 PM, John T Lonsdale PhD wrote:

Apart from rivale, which does fine,



VERY interesting John! Any thoughts as to why rivale works? Do you know the
provenance of your rivale? Have you tried ovatum?


I have seen native rivale, ovatum and kurabayashii growing within a few feet
of each other...





Russell Graham, Purveyor of Plants, Salem, OR, Zone 8 (7)



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