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Miles, Dan miles.d at lynchburg.edu
Sat Jan 17 02:20:13 CET 2015

A bit I can add re the discussion of T. decipiens:  I received seeds which I sowed in my USDA zone 7a woodland in 2010. By 2013 I had 30 yearlings. In 2014, 15, 3-leaved plants remained. Presumably the losses were from voles or invertebrates, as I noticed no injury from too-early emergence, and the plants were healthy in appearance.  Here they have emerged at about the same time as cuneatum. They are in always-moist, sandy loam beside a brook. The winter lows here reach the single digits Farenheit a few nights yearly, with typical lows around 20; it can remain below freezing for a week or more in a spell; the soil typically freezes to a depth of several inches and may remain so for weeks; winter is usually interrupted by warm spells with complete thaw followed by deep freezes. I believe the seeds originated from a collection in Boone, NC, which is above 3,000 ft. above sea level and I would guess is zone 5. 

T. lancifolium thrives and has been colonizing with seedlings for several years under the same conditions. 

Dan Miles, Virginia Piedmont

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