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Carl Denton carl at trilliums.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 21:38:07 CET 2015

G.Carlton Denton
Yorkshire England  Z8

On 15/01/2015 05:19, Russell Graham wrote:
> Good New Year All!
> While things are quiet out in the "garden,"
Goodday Russ,
How I wish . How I wish that things had been quiet in the garden! ! but 
not here. We had a windy phase a few days ago which has demolished my 
wooden glasshouse with the South eastern trilliums in. It was 50 years 
old and most of its mortice joints had rotted so did not put up much 
resistance. The trilliums are just showing the small green shoots of 
early growth so should take no harm with the mild frosts we get here.

I was going to replace it like for like until I found that the cost of a 
new glasshouse would be approaching £5,000. Now I am considering a 
quality polytunnel by Haygrove at only £800. This has a high quality 
coated woven polyethelene cloth of 172gms per squ metre, UV treated with 
light transmission of 88% and scattered/diffused light of 45% +/- 5%.  
My question now is do you know, or any of the lists members know, if 
this material will have any deliterious effects on the growth of South 
eastern trilliums. I can see that with the light scattering effect I may 
not need to shade the tunnel.

Now my research this year will be into how effective polytunnels are in 
growing trilliums from the south eastern States.
Have a good 2015.

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