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> Tissue culture protocols have been worked out for successfully with many Trillium species and is continuing to be refined at places like Atlanta Botanical Garden, mainly for conservation purposes. 

Interesting example Adam, best I can learn the Garden has never "shared/published" anything... do you know if that is true? Ron Gagliardo published an article (2012) sometime after he left the Garden and the information was based on earlier preliminary results not of real use for any commercial application. Work by Kitto and others never really reached a level of success/production suitable even for conservation efforts perhaps. Best I can learn the folks at the Cincinnati Zoo have moved on and never really "applied" their initial work with Trillium. BArry Sligh still sells Trillium but no longer is in production form tissue culture...

Part of the issue may be that plants/species being researched for conservation may not have significant garden/commercial interest.

My guess is the real key to all this is not how long it takes to get plants to marketable size (there are many examples that suggest otherwise, perhaps hardy Cyps would be one) OR the economics of tissue culture (again Cyps might be an example or ferns or Hostas, etc.) BUT the reality that Marsha Russell provides.  As long as collected plants are available so CHEAP and readily (lots on eBay...) there is no viable way to economically "compete".

Just yesterday a catalog arrived from a reputable and established CA nursery. The only Trillium they offered was grandiflorum and at a price barely beyond what Marsha was wholesaling plants for before she went out of business more than 6 years ago.

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