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Robin I found the picture of the sextillium we found a few years ago. Was
wondering if it came back with the full complement of petals and leaves? I
have a number of pictures of quadtrilliums and I think I have the locations
in one of my notebooks. May go back and see if I can find them this Spring.

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 8:37 AM, Robin Graham Bell <rgb2 at cornell.edu> wrote:

> Hi Russ, Perhaps you should be applying for the unpaid, honorary, but
> entirely honorable position of official Trillium- l librarian/archivist
> Russ? Great to see you dig out that reference & be able to send it to the
> list. I think...not sure....that the reference to the number of petals I
> had was in Tom Patricks' thesis but haven't had a chance to look for it
> there. Even if it was, he did not show the actual dissection that you did
> so that was nice to see. When I looked at Fred's collection, I recall being
> impressed by the range of forms that were present in the multiplexes & also
> thinking that some of them looked as though they had fewer petals than
> others. It was hard to tell because of the great array of shapes the
> multi's had, some were very contorted & twisted & of course I didn't pull
> any apart. However, maybe it would be possible to get Brian to pull some
> off the Rats Hollow population & actually count what is there. I suspect
> that there may be a range of different peta
>  l numbers from 6 up to the 30 plus you have shown. Not sure what it would
> say about the genetics but it would be interesting.
>        Robin Bell, zone 5, Ithaca NY.
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