[Trillium-l] Christmas early trilliums

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You received a yellow maculatum from Adam?


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Three early risers up in the garden today: The very early underwoodii from
the Florida-Georgia line have been up for a few weeks now and are always the
earliest for me.  Unusual for me to see anything at all from decipiens now-
they are early risers, but usually come above ground after the first of the


The third picture is of Gainesville T. maculatum, believed to be the most
southern trillium in the world. Adam Black, who grow them in the habitat
where they are wild, says he routinely gets them up in December and that
they even bloom before the first of the year in Florida. This is early for
me, as they usually come up later here at 1000 feet in north Georgia. If you
look closely at the corner of the maculatum photo you will see a bud opening
yellow- my experience is that this is not uncommon with those, but they
always turn maroon. 


Happy Holidays to everybody!


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia USA

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