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> The current issue of 'The Garden' from the RHS has a brief article on Trillium . It particularly recommends (and shows) hybrids of Trillium erectum x flexipes as one of the best trilliums for garden use.

Some of you may recall the post I made that generated some very interesting discussion, especially in regard to erectum x flexipes. I wrote the author of the article and at his suggestion to Kevin Hughes, the nurseryman that offers the hybrid. (There is an impressive picture of the erectum x flexipes on page 333 of the May 2011 issue of 'The Garden') So far no real information has been provided as the author deferred to Kevin, who has not responded.

So, while "digging" online I ran across a link (www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/RHS.../Journals/.../Nursery-profile-Hughes-Plants) to an article, you should be able to download as a PDF, about Kevin and his nursery from the March 2010 issue of 'The Garden' and on page 193 of the article is the same image. However, it is labeled as being T. sulcatum x erectum f. albiflorum back in 2010. In the article the nursery is credited with listing two dozen Trillium "...all of which he has raised on the nursery. (He abhors commercial collection of plants in the wild.)..." The article goes on to describe Kevin's discovery 16 years ago of a sliver leaved cuneatum seedling near an "illicit still" in southern Alabama that became one of the parents of his 'Moonshine" and 'Ghost' strains.

For the record, it is clear, 'The Garden' is as confused as WE are. Hopefully at some point WE may get some clarification from Kevin as to just what he is growing as a hybrid of erectum, raised on the nursery.


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