[Trillium-l] Trillium erectum x flexipes

Karl Kristensen eng4 at kalle-k.dk
Wed May 18 19:57:33 CEST 2011

 Russ; I do not know anything about the plant.

After 3-4 years my plant got 3 ½ stalk. It is 40 cm. high and the flower 
sits on a 7 cm. long stalk. The ovary is white with a little pink and the 
stamens are white. Oblong leaves, 12 cm. at the widest point. The flower is 
white-pink as you can see in the picture.

Karl Kristensen

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> Good to hear Karl,
> What do you know about the plant and what do you "think" after having it 
> for 3-4 years?
> On May 17, 2011, at 8:59 PM, Karl Kristensen wrote:
>> I bought flexipes x erectum in an English nursery for 3-4 years ago.
>> Karl Kristensen
>> Denmark
>> www.kalle-k.dk
> Is your plant a good garden performer? Is it "better" in habit or 
> appearance than either of the parent species?  Did the source offer any 
> information about the heritage of the plant you purchased (is your plant 
> an f 1 generation or later for example)?
> I just reviewed the Case's information on hybrids and "now" realize much 
> of that information and the amazing diversity in the picture on page 42 is 
> the cross WE have been discussing. It is very clear from their writings 
> that the erectum x flexipes hybrid is abundant in some populations and can 
> be produced in the garden as well. However, as has been apparent in these 
> recent posts there is also LOTS of potential for confusion and the 
> influence of other factors than "just" the hybridization of erectum and 
> flexipes.
> Thanks,
> Russ
> WE may have the warmest day of 2011 today and it will still be COOL.
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