[Trillium-l] Trillium erectum x flexipes

Lis Allison garden at pine-ridge.ca
Mon May 16 19:39:14 CEST 2011

On May 16, 2011, The Grahams wrote:
> I am curious as to what you see as color forms if any beyond the red,
> white, and yellow "pure" forms. I am wondering if what "others"
> consider to be "hybrids" because they are pink or picotee or such
> might be natural diversity?
Definitely we have pinks, all shades, and some that could be called 
'picotee'. I photographed one just last Friday. It was cream, maybe a 
touch of yellow, with a dark red edge and red vein lines. 

> Just as another point of curiosity, what about variation in flower
> size? If you mentioned flower size, I missed that.
Lots of variation, but it is hard to know how much is due to the plant's 
maturity. Young plants have much smaller flowers than older ones. Also, I 
have a few plants in my garden with fairly wide, rounded petals. Most are 
pointed and strap-shaped, but not all. Similar to T. grandiflorum in that.

One T. grandiflorum flower this Spring is a full 6" across. The T. erectum 
flowers are smaller, up to 4" across.

> Very intriguing to learn that you have a LOT of diversity in what
> "should be" only erectum.
Funny, I always thought of T. erectum as being the one that had a lot of 
variation! The T. grandiflorums here don't seem to vary much - if you 
ignore size - but the Reds sure do.

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