[Trillium-l] Trillium erectum x flexipes

Lis Allison garden at pine-ridge.ca
Sun May 15 16:49:09 CEST 2011

On May 14, 2011, Fern Hill wrote:
> Russ  just a comment - The first blog you mention -Al Gibson's has a
> side view of a flower - the next-to-last - that looks odd for the
> erectums I know. 

There are hundreds of T. errectum growing in my area - Ontario near 
Ottawa, Canada, and there is much variation in the shape, size and colour 
of the ovaries. Some are small, very dark and nearly smooth, others are 
larger and lighter and ridgy-er. Also, the colour of T. erectum fades 
after opening. The best forms are a deep glowing red when fresh, but they 
all fade to a dull maroon or pale dingy red-brown.

Also, we have all the colour forms here and T. flexipes is not native 
here. In my garden, T. flexipes blooms 4-5 weeks after T. erectum.

Lis Allison
Pine Ridge Studio
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