[Trillium-l] Trillium erectum x flexipes

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Sun May 15 12:14:36 CEST 2011

The Trillium erectum complex, including Tr. flexipes, cernuum, sulcatum, rugeli and vassey,
can be variable and confusing.
I agree with John in that the second to last image in the first blog looks odd for a Tr. erectum,
I've seen similar looking Tr. flexipes in Michigan appearing with the same colors, but these
would be drooping flowers below the leaves. Does Tr. rugeli sometimes appear erect when
it flowers?
I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on what would be the parent when describing a
hybrid species? In the group of Tr. erectum, flexipes and cernuum, which are found in
Michigan, I used to think if the flowers are above the leaves, then it's Tr. erectum, if
the flowers are below, then it's Tr. cernuum or flexipes and viewing of the
anther / filament is needed to be checked. But now as I see more hybrids and finding
out more species that cross, I'm not too confident in making an identification.
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