[Trillium-l] Sulcatum Diversity

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Jerry Green is a photographer that I get to take some of the Trillium 
pictures at HBG.  A few days after I did the Trillium sulcatum case study He 
took a bunch of sulcatum photos. It illustrates some of the diversity in the 
case study.  You can see his sulcatum and other photos @ 

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> Hello Harold,
> Well, I went and looked at flexipes and at this point do not have much to 
> comment on, certainly no petal color variation although there are at least 
> 3 ovary colors and some variation in petal size and shape and recurving... 
> and one plant that is erect flowering (no declination at all).
> I am more curious about one impressive sulcatum, if I have it identified 
> correctly, I checked today and how it might compare with what you were 
> evaluating. It has 3 stems from one growth point all blooming yellow with 
> an ovary of maroon and cream. Two stems are about 22 inches long and the 
> longest is 26 inches. There is one additional flowering stem among the 
> other 12 stems and it is about 12 inches tall. My notes indicate that when 
> the plant was potted in january there were 10 offsets formed on the 
> rhizome.
> Most of the plants from this bed have one or two flowering stems and no 
> more than a total of 3 stems. Petal and ovary colors vary in the other 
> plants.
> Thanks,
> Russ
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