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Wed May 11 16:56:39 CEST 2011

On May 10, 2011, at 11:35 PM, Jamie Vande wrote:

> All food for thought....what was the question?

Great for a good laugh!

However, the question was NOT about green flowered grandiflorum (who knew there would be such a thing anyway, especially a multi-stemmed, long lived one, AL? WE all know that would not survive...), it was NOT about pink flowered grandiflorum (especially those that have the amazing, nearly black, dark foliage), nor was it about pink flowered hibbersonii which bloomed this spring (not its usual white), or about rivale that blooms pink and fades to white, or for that matter the grandiflorum that occurs in a limited area that has partially green flowers caused by something ("perhaps" Mycoplasma) that is not understood or that has not been investigated in any depth... OR for that matter the pink on opening "chloropetalum" that is now "pure" white.

No, the "question" had something to do with what is "going on" to allow some sessile flowers to "BE" green in appearance. Like the one I looked at yesterday where even the stamen connectives are brilliant green (at least at an early stage of bloom). Just a simple question...

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Russell Graham, Purveyor of Plants, Salem, OR, Zone 8 (7)

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