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I can't offer any info on the inheritibility/genetic stability of green petals, but in one population of T. decipiens in the Florida panhandle different petal color forms abound, including what I consider green (not yellow bordering on green). I have watched some distinctive plants, and they return the same color each year. Here are some examples, all from the same locality:


Lighter Green: 


Green tinged with maroon: 



Brownish yellow:

Yellow plant and typical maroon plant together: 

Something is unusual about this particular site having a wide range of color forms mixed together, as a few other FL populations 20 or so miles away have nothing but typical maroon colored petals amongst hundreds of plants with no variation. 

Adam Black

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>Hi Russ and all,
>I will offer a couple of thoughts on green petals in Trillium or any other 
>I would hypothesize that two genetic changes are needed to get a clean 
>green color in the petals of any but a white flowered species:  1. a 
>genetic change to suppress the normal pigmentation; and 2. a genetic change 
>allowing chloroplasts to develop with chlorophyll in the petals.  In fact, 
>and in my profound ignorance of how these things are regulated, it might be 
>on and the same change, acting at two separate genes.
>Some breeding experimentation is clearly called for.
>Jim Shields
>At 08:09 AM 5/9/2011 -0700, you wrote:
>>This is NOT about me being green with ENVY when I see pictures like Jim's 
>>of interesting Trilliums...
>>This is a return of sorts to "questions" about color of petals and the 
>>possible genetics to consider for selection purposes.
>>Several of you were very responsive and helpful when the topic was YELLOW 
>>and I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts, observations or experience 
>>with GREEN flowered Trillium.
>>Kindest Regards,
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