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Yes, growing them from seed is easy and reliable. This is the 5th year I 
have collected and planted seed  the first week in June (here in North 
Alabama) and have gotten >>90% emergence in the first March.  I transplant 
them starting in June/July whenever I have time and complete around Oct/Nov 
or whenever I finish.  I have planted ~ 1000 seed each year----No, I dont 
count them. I lose a few at transplant and I lose some to fungus the first 
year when the leaves lay on moist soil, which I control easily with a 

The southeastern species love a little fertilizer and will clump up nicely 
with many large leaves----- much more showy than in the wild.

There is one trick in seed collection------"Be Vigilant".  They will 
disapear in a few days when ripe.  When little insects begin eating the 
flower petals check the seed for ripeness, collect and plant if ripe. If you 
collect the seed pods and place them in a container for a few days you may 
find it difficult  and timely to pick the seed out of the duff from 
deginerated seedpod.

I don't know for sure what the pollenator is but I am sure they exist in 
North Alabama. I have had no incentive to becone a pollenator myself.  When 
we were at Mt Cuba, I was told that they did not get seed set there--No 

I get flowers in the third year from seed planting. If I could only get 
trillium to do that-----.

Harold Holmes, Z7, North Alabama.

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> Nathan:
> We grew asarum from seed this year and they were amazingly easy.  Harold 
> Holmes has the most experience with this.  We typically don't get good 
> asarum seed set here.
> Tony Avent
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