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The Grahams eldergrahams at me.com
Mon May 9 17:09:12 CEST 2011

This is NOT about me being green with ENVY when I see pictures like Jim's of interesting Trilliums...

This is a return of sorts to "questions" about color of petals and the possible genetics to consider for selection purposes.

Several of you were very responsive and helpful when the topic was YELLOW and I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts, observations or experience with GREEN flowered Trillium. 

(I am willing to offer an image or two but have not really read a discussion about that in relation to using attachments to a message versus sending the image to the Gallery now that there is a new server/host for the list. I can now, I think, do it either way but attaching to a message is easier for me, however I am not sure that is suitable for some list members. I will appreciate a perspective as to what suits "most" list members, if there is one...)

When I think "green" I am wondering about the sessile species, even though I am aware there may be green flowered pedicled species as well. If I remember right all, or at least most, of the sessile species have both maroon and yellow forms. My question is do they ALL also have green forms? The next question, of course, is what causes the green to occur rather than the yellow or maroon, assuming "they" are more dominant/frequent and green is less so. (Perhaps the green flowers are more abundant than I think but just are not mentioned often.)

I am asking because I have been paying a bit of attention to the green flowered plants for the last couple of years. They were pretty much ignored in the past, for reasons I cannot really recall now but probably I assumed they were not going to live or be "that color" in another season, but as I watch now some are quite impressive. (My best guess is that most of my green petaled plants are cuneatum but recurvatum is in the mix as well and some that might have luteum in their heritage.)

I am not talking yellow or shades thereof, or muddy colors (all of which I have seen as well) but true clean green of varying intensity.

I am realizing that like some of the dark purple/reds (in some Trillium, Cyclamen and now Oxalis and Hellebores) some of the greens do not "photograph" true to color which can be very frustrating. 

Once again ANY comments will be appreciated and considered earnestly.

Kindest Regards,

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