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We grew asarum from seed this year and they were amazingly easy.  Harold Holmes has the most experience with this.  We typically don't get good asarum seed set here.

As far a taxonomy goes, everytime the southeast taxonomist try to just the retention of the genus hexastylis, they neglect to look at all of the Asian asarum species....truly bizarre.

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> Thank you for that comment Tony. The use of Hexastylis has been a
> confusion to me for YEARS.

Now, if only taxonomists would quit MUCKING with stuff!  Sheesh!  I think taxonomy was invented to employ taxonomists.

> I have not had much personnel experience with growing Asarum from seed
> but I am aware that seed grown (by others) plants can be superior.

I have some Asarum hartwegii that appear to self-sow.

-Nathan Miller
Newberg, OR

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