[Trillium-l] Sulcatum Diversity

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OPPS----Sorry I slipped and hit send.
White is pure white. Almost Blue-white. Yellow is soft yellow . Not as 
yellow as luteum but more yellow than discolor ,or close to it.  Cream is 
softer than discolor to off white. The images show the cream as more 
off-white---some of the yellow tint is lost. Yes I used both images and 
direct observation. I relied more heavly on the images for the physical 


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> Very interesting Harold,
> I was just out "looking" at a bed of flexipes and will go back tomorrow
> and see what your study approach turns up with them... ovary color and
> flower shape and size certainly varied.
> I have been watching some "sulcatum", at least that is what I think they
> are and wonder how easy it was for you to decide to categorize the
> following? How cream are the 7, could any of them be moved to white or
> yellow?
> On May 7, 2011, at 5:53 PM, Holmes wrote:
>> -White              6
>> -Cream             7
>> -Yellow             6
> Did you assign your characters from just observations or just from images
> or "both"?
> Thanks for sharing!
> Russ
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