[Trillium-l] Best trillium year

Carl Denton carl at trilliums.co.uk
Fri May 6 22:04:30 CEST 2011

Goodday Stephen
One thing to point out is that all my pots are plunged up to their necks 
in a gritty sand plunge bed and with a cover above to shed our winter 
rain. I have heard of more than one person who kept theirs on a concrete 
patio open to the rain and had them frozen solid by this last winter and 
the rhizome reduced to mush.
All my small trilliums (T.nivale, hibbersonii and Pseudo trillium 
rivale) I keep in pots as otherwise the slugs and snails have a feast 
and they tend to get lost in the garden.   All my sessile South Eastern 
American species (T.viridescens,stamineum, foetiddissimum, gracile,  
decumbens, lancifolium, discolor, underwoodii, maculatum and decipiens) 
I have to grow in a raised bed in a glasshouse or raised bed sheltered 
by plastic glass to shed the rain and increase the warmth of our 
summer..  The Trillium erectum  and chloropetalum and grandiflorum 
groups are happy to grow out in the garden under apples on a slight 
mound which helps to keep there rhizomes dryer.  None of the trilliums 
will tolerate wind so woodlands arround is very helpfull.
Hopes this helps you to locate your trilliums in a happy environment.

G.Carlton Denton
Yorkshire England  Z8

On 02/05/2011 23:17, Stephen Vella wrote:
> Hello Carl,
> That's good to hear that you are having some luck.
> Hearing that you grow your collection in pots and out in the garden, just out of interest do you find some species better suited to pot culture than others, with more control, let's say with the potting media, adjusting the environment that they grow. Can you list any sp that performs best for you in pots?
> And what's best in the garden?
> Cheers
> Stephen Vella
> Blue Mountains
> Australia z 8
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