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I guess I did a good thing by bringing up the Hexastylis/Asarum debate. Some 
needed clarification  on the history that I knew nothing about. When I fell 
in love with  and started propagating thoes beautiful plants that we called 
"Evergreen Ginger", "Little Pigs", "Little Brown Jugs", "Heart Leaf Ginger" 
and "Arrow Leaf Ginger", I thought it important that I find out what they 
should be called.. After much searching I, like a few of you became 
confused. (Sounds like my Trillium learning experience all over 
again---grin). Since I was interested in propagation I went to William 
Cullina's "Growing and Propagating Wildflowers" book. There I was introduced 
to "Hexastylis" and a few of its species. I continued to search and then was 
introduced to L. L. Gaddy's paper on Hexastylis Taxonomy and I thought it 
was really great----I had the species discriptions I was looking for. I knew 
the world was somewhat engaged in the Asarum/Hexastylis discussions but it 
was of secondary inportance since I had the species descriptions I needed to 
do my propagation work and search for surperior features in my seedlings.

In March 2011 when Tony came by and visited,  he explained briefly thatI 
should be using Asarum instead of Hexastylis. Thanks Tony.

Aside the Asarum/Hexastylis issue----- Is the Gaddy species descriptions the 
most valid descriptions??????

Harold Holmes

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> On May 3, 2011, at 5:38 AM, Tony Avent wrote:
>> the native asarums (sorry, no taxonomists except Gaddy still uses 
>> Hexastylis)
> Thank you for that comment Tony. The use of Hexastylis has been a 
> confusion to me for YEARS.
> I have not had much personnel experience with growing Asarum from seed but 
> I am aware that seed grown (by others) plants can be superior.
> Russ
> Russell Graham, Purveyor of Plants, Salem, OR, Zone 8 (7)
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