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According to L. L. Gaddy's Hexastylis Taxonomy Review:
    Hexastylis considered distinct from Asarum, is endemic to SE US 
describes 10 species and 5 varieties in 3 subgeneric groups (Arifolia, 
Speciosa, and Virginica). Arifolia has 3 varieties (Var. arifolia, 
callifolia, and ruthii.) and its leaves are mostly arrow /triangular shaped. 
As children we referred to these as "Little Brown Jugs" or "Little Pigs" 
having lunch.
The Virginica group has 8 species (shuttleworthii, contracta, heterophylla, 
naniflora, lewisii, minor, virginica, and rhombiformis). Of these 8  most 
have Heart shaped vividly mottled leaves and H. shuttleworthii has the 
largest flowers. H. shuttleworthii has 2 varieties(var. shuttleworthii and 
var. haperii---a spreading var.) H. "Callaway" is a select form of H. 
shuttleworthii. var. harperii.  The Speciocia group only contains contains 
only 1 species (H speeciosa. H. "Woodlanders Select" is a select form of H. 

I have been propagating Hexastylis for 5 years. Many areas don't seem to 
have pollenators for Hexastylis---I have excellent results with seed set, 
seed germination and seedling transplant. In North Alabama I collect seed 
and plant them the first week in June and get plant emergence the first 
March, I Transplant seedlings at 4-8 month after emergence.

Harold Holmes Zone 7.

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> Nice one Harold,
> How many Hexastylis are native to the USA?
> cheers
> Stephen Vella
> Blue Mountains
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